Gym XP calc V2 (beta)HELP

Note: Currently the calculator can't process screenshots from Android devices with the virtual / soft key bar at the bottom of the screen. This will be fixed in a future release. For now, make sure you hide the virtual/soft keys while taking the screenshot

How does this work?
To calculate your gym XP, take a screenshot of an individual gym medal screen. Click the "Choose File" button and pick the screenshot you just took, then click the "Calculate Gym XP" button

Once the screenshot has uploaded, the calculator will display how much gym XP you need to reach the next level.
How accurate is this?
Currently, based on testing this is accurate to within 82XP
This is a very early version of this app and some bugs/errors do still exist.

Currently the calculator won't be able to calculate gym XP for android devices with virtual buttons on screen - I'm working on a solution to this.

I've tested this app with screenshots from a number of phones, both iPhone and Android, but due to the huge range of devices, it is possible that some screenshots won't currently work. Over time this will be improved.
How much XP do I need for each gym badge?
Bronze : 500 gym xp
Silver : 4000 gym xp
Gold : 30000 gym xp

How is gym XP calculated?
Gym XP is calculated as follows :

Add Pokemon to gym 100 XP
Defend Gym 1 XP per minute
Win Raid Battle 1000 XP
Feed Berries 10 XP
Defeat Defender CP of defender divided by 100

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